The Boxer overcomes us to the type of dog Mastiff taken to the battle against the Romans for the Cimbrians, a Germanic tribe. The race was exhibited for the first time in Munich in 1895 and a Boxer registered for the American Kennel Club in 1904. Nevertheless, he/she didn't go until after the first world war when it was introduced the Boxer in Great Britain. In some years, it has gotten an immense popularity in the entire world. The Boxer is an affectionate and playful race that maintains entered behaviors of puppies the maturity. It is kind with the children, but it doesn't bother him to have a collision with other dogs. 
Character and taken care   
The Boxer is affectionate and usually good with the children. Obedient and faithful he/she is also a good guardian. It is a very strong dog that needs a good quantity of exercises, and their short mantel is of easy care. 


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