Yorkshire Terrier

The Terrier of Yorkshire or Yorkie are relatively recent, developed in Yorkshire, England, during the last a hundred years more or less through the crossing of the Skye Terrier and of the extinct black and toasted Terrier, an ancestor of the Terrier of Manchester. The Maltese and the Dandie Dinmont can also have contributed in its creation. It was recognized by the Canine Society in Great Britain in 1886. It was introduced in U.S around 1880 but it took him some time to settle down there. At the moment, this vivacious and small Terriet is one of the races more popular Toy of the world. The Yorkie can it turns in sizes so different that people often think that two varieties exist, miniature and standard. In fact, the Yorkshire should not exceed of 3,1 kg of weight, locating it like one of the smallest dogs in the world beside the Chihuahua. There is, however, many bigger copies that are admirably happy and healthy and stupendous company animals. 
Character and cares 
The “Yorkie” it is adapted to live in the city or in the field. This bossy, excessively affectionate and I live dog it is a good mascot. It is also a dog of exhibition of first class for those that have the time of being devoted to their complicated toilet.

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