Wolfhound Irlandés

The Irish Wolfhound is the highest in the world, and the national dog of Ireland. Servant to kill wolves, is believed that it descends of the dogs brought by the Celtic ones when they extended for all Europe from Greece that you/they invaded in the 279 aC. to Ireland. It became very well valued and many were exported Europe, including a couple that was presented to the king from Spain in the XVI century. In 1652 Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) it prohibited their export in the future because it considered that they were too valuable since they maintained low the population of wolves. For 1800, the last wolf in Great Britain and Ireland had been killed, and the Wolfhound had more than enough and it was in extinction danger. Then, in 1885, the captain George Graham, a Scotsman that served in the British army, a program of 23 year-old reproduction that restored its old glory began. 
Character and cares 
A lot of people would choose to have it if her lifestyle and the size of her she marries it they allowed. However, the Wolfhound doesn't need more exercise than another race of half size and, although it can be had in external kennel, he/she has a calm temperament and many of these giants take its place beside the chimney. It is popular in the ring and it exhibits it to him in what is believed that it is «their natural state» (a brushing and to remove him the spare hair is the whole preparation that he/she needs). 

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