The Whippet seems a Greyhound in miniature, without any doubt it contributed to its creation. It is not known if the Pharaoh Hound, like it seems possible, or some other cared Hound or Terrier, they fried the other half of the crossing. It was raised especially as dog of careers, and it is the quickest race in the world. They have been timed second 8,4 on a standard of 137 m. in direct career (58,76 km/h,). Well-known as the “horse of the poor person's careers”, he/she became the sport animal of the miners in the north of England, where they are still very popular the careers with Whippets. He/she has also extended to other countries. Originally, they ran behind alive rabbits but now artificial lures are used in their place. It was recognized by the Canine Society of Great Britain in 1902, having been exhibited in 1897 in Crufts Dog Show in London. It is also popular in U.S, where a dog something is preferred bigger. Character and cares 
It is kind, affectionate with the children, good company animal and of exhibition, and a splendid guardian. While it can adapt to the domestic life, this great corridor needs a lot of exercise. Their short hair requires little more than a brushing and to rub it with a mitten for dogs. It is better at home the whole year that in an external kennel. 

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