The Wetterhound, with its curly line, suggests that this race Spitz descends of a Nordic lineage of type, as well as of the European dog of waters. Also well-known as Spaniel of Dutch waters he/she originated in the county of Friesland, in Holland. It was raised starting from dogs hunters of otters, to use it against the otters and other pieces of water. He/she is a hunter without fear with a dense mantel of tight ripple that allows him to support the hard climatic conditions. It is medium and there is him in black, brown or blue, with or without white. The Wetterhoun has been known in its native Holland during centuries, but it was not recognized by the Society Canine Dutchwoman up to 1942. 
Character and cares 
This intelligent hunter is an animal in certain aggressive way, used thoroughly as guardian and farm dog in Holland. He/she needs a hand kind and firm, a lot of exercise and a regular toilet, it is better if he/she is had in external kennel.

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