West Highland White (Terrier)

As other small Scottish Terriers, the West Highland White Terrier or Westie were raised to hunt small animals. During a time it was classified together with the Caim and the Skye like Small Highland Working Terrier. The Westie has also gone by other names. At the end of the XIX century, there was kind of a the colonel's Terriers Scottish white property Malcolm of well-known Poltalloch as Poltalloch Terriers. The colonel's square Malcolm with its dogs reveals us that they were not so different from the Westie that we know today. Dogs of this type were also known as Roseneath Terriers or White Roseneath Terriers, and én a súplemento it has more than enough races published in 1899, they were classified as a sub-variety of the Scottish Te­rrier. The first Society of the West Highland White Terrier was formed in 1905, and the first class for the race it seems to be that it was in October of 1904 in the Waverley Market in Edinburgh, organized by the Scottish Canine Society. The Westie was recognized respectively in USA and Canada in 1909 and 1911, but in Australia he/she didn't go him until half-filled of the 60. At the moment it is among the most popular pure race. 
Character and cares 
The Westie is described in its standard as possessor of a lot of quantity of self-esteem with animal poor person's appearance. This playful and resistant small Terrier is easy to train, it is taken well with the children and it is an animal of company appropriate point for people in the city like in the field. A regular brushing maintains its clean white mantel, but for the exhibitions it requires him to be shaved and fix, and, if one has intention of exhibiting it, advice should be requested on the preparation to the breeder. 

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