The Weimaraner or “Silver Ghost” he/she has an astonishing resemblance to a painting of Van Dyck around 1631. However, it is said that it was raised on purpose as hunt dog in volume a year 1800 for the great duke Karl August of Weimar (the capital of the old state of Thtrringia in central Germany), of where he/she took the name. The races that you/they will possibly have participated in their creation include the Saint Hubert or other French Hounds, Pointers of short hair, Spanish Pointers, Bloodhounds and to the German Schweisshunds. The result is a good hunt dog that originally was used for the biggest hunt and, in more recent times, he/she has worked as dog police. The Weimaraner caused impact in USA and Canada after the second world war. It didn't arrive to the United Kingdom until around 1950, where from then on it has become very popular. Character and cares 
The Weimaraner has good temperament and a distinguished aspect, with a mantel of a gray metalized silver plating and eyes blue-gray amber. It is very obedient and agile, and it can be a good company animal whenever he/she has an exit for their fine intelligence. It is better in the interior than in a kennel and he/she needs few cares. 


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