Water Irish Spaniel 

The documental evidence for dogs of waters and Water Spaniels goes back to the XVII century, and in Ireland one has known some form of Water Spaniels for more than one millennium. Having written for 80 years on this, the canine historian Hugh Dalziel suggested that the Water Irish Spaniel was the predecessor of all the modern Spaniels. Nevertheless, at the moment it is believed that it was developed with crossings with the Caniche and the Retrievt of curly hair that which, for the appearance of both, it seems very probable. Before 1859, there were two different lineages in Ireland, one in the north and another in the south. It seems to be that the lineage of the south that resembled the Standard Caniche, was the base of the modern race. 
Character and taken care   
The highest in the Spaniels, the Water Irish Spaniel is a brave, Affectionate and intelligent animal. It is excellent face to charge birds, he/she has good olfaction and he/she worked without rest as a Spaniel. To maintain the curly mantel and the thick interior of the same one is not as difficult as it seems. Nevertheless, he/she needs him to be dressed up once per week using a metallic comb. He/she also needs him to be removed something of hair surplus and that he/she is fixed around the feet.

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