Water American Spaniel 

The Water American Spaniel you can consider a relatively modern species. It was recognized officially by the American Kennel Club in 1940, and, while their development you can locate in the American Half-west, Irish Spaniel very probably descends of the Water that has as ancestors to the crossed Caniche with the Retriever of curly hair and that in its current form it dates of around 1800. The Water American Spaniel that is a good swimmer and dog hunter of birds, is smaller than its Irish partner. Nevertheless, as this last one, he/she has a good olfaction and he/she will work without rest as a Springer Spaniel. 
Character and taken care   
It is affectionate, strong and intelligent, very appreciated by the hunters. It is a good company animal, but it can be too noisy with other animals. He/she needs a regular hairstyle, using a metallic comb and a cutting and occasional arrangement.

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