Hungarian Vizsla (of Straight Hair )

The Hungarian Vizsla or Vizsla magiar are the dog of national hunt of Hungary. This Setter of flat hair was raised in the plains of central Hungary (Puszla), habitat of a great hunt variety. It was developed as an extremely versatile dog, able to hunt, to follow the hint, to point out and to charge hare, ducks, geese and other pieces. It is possible that the German Weimaraner, with which has a strong resemblance, and the dogs indicators of Transylvania participated in the beginnings of their development. However, the noble magiares had much care of not introducing new blood that somehow could ruin the abilities of this race. He/she didn't go until after the second war world, when many hunters they had to leave Hungary being taken to their dogs with them, the Vizsla became this way well-known thoroughly. It was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1960 and now there are also breeders of splendid Vizslas in Great Britain. 
Character and cares 
The Vizsla is a dog of versatile and easy hunt of training that it can also be a company animal of first and it is good with the children he/she Needs a lot of exercise and its mantel should be brushed regularly. 

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