Swedish Vallhund

The Swedish Vallhund is known in its origin country like Vastgotaspets that it means “spitz of the western Goths”. he/she resembles the Corgis galeces a lot, although the one that: it occupies us he/she has the longest paws and the shortest back. Without. no doubt is a connection among the races, dog what a fueranlos Cargli taken by the Vikings to Sweden those that gave place to the Vallhund the Swedish dogs taken Great Britain those that finished developing the Corgis, is not known. As the Corgi, the Vallhund is an excellent dog for the bovine livestock. Great part of the recognition for the development of the modern race owes to the Swedish fan, Bjorn goes Rosen. To weigh dc their antiquity, the Vallhund didn't win the recognition of any canine society up to 1950, but now it is winning regularly in the international exhibitions. Character and taken care   
The Swedish Vallhund is a small friendly dog, faithful and affectionate, described in its standard as active and desirous of pleasing. It is a good company animal and he/she needs a lot of exercise. 

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