English Toy Terrier

In the United Kingdom, the Toy English Terrier their life began with this name, but next he/she was called black and toasted Toy and later black and toasted miniature, recapturing the first one as its current name in 1962. In U.S, it is known as Terrier Toy of Manchester. It was raised starting from the Terrier of Manchester. This big but on the other hand similar race was developed now starting from the extinct black and toasted Terrier of coarse hair and other races. The Italian Greyhound and, possibly, the Whippet can also have contributed the Toy English Terrier. The Terrier of Manchester was raised to kill rats in a moat like entertainment for the public, and its smaller relative is a stupendous thief. 
Character and cares 
Surprisingly strange outside of the ring today, the Toy English Terrier still preserve their ability to hunt small animals and he/she is an affectionate and intelligent partner. Good with the children but with tendency to be a single person's dog. The Toy English Terrier is easy to take care, he/she needs little more than a daily brushing and to rub it next so that it shines him the mantel. It is a reasonably strong copy and he/she doesn't have the same aversion to the rain that their more delicate relatives, the Italian Greyhounds.

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