Wheaten Terrier

One of the older races characteristic of Ireland, the Wheaten Terrier of soft hair; it is believed that it is of those that it contributed the Irish Terriers and Kerry Blue. It is said that a blue dog borders from a ship that you was in the bay of Tralee, Ireland, of 180 years ago. This dog mated with the native one and the result of the union was the Kerry Blue Terrier. The Wheaten of soft hair was developed as farm dog to hunt rabbits, rats and other pieces. He/she will work in any grove type and any Irish farmer that it is priced he/she could pass without having one. Recognized by the lrish Kennel Club in 1937 and for the British Kennel Club in 1971, began to appear in USA to principíos of the 70 and it was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1973. At the moment it is progressing in the ring in both sides of the Atlantic. 
Character and cares 
In spite of being raised as farm dog, the Wheaten of soft hair is better when he/she is had in the interior as company animal. It is kind and very loyal, and generally owner to the children. He likes to make a lot of exercise, and the mantel owe it to be cleaned using a metallic comb of spikes of half size and a metallic brush regularly. 


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