Kerry Blue Terrier 

The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in the county of Kerry, to the Southwest of Ireland. Excellent for the sport and good swimmer, he/she was used to hunt badgers, vixens and otters. Among their ascendancies the Irish Terriers, Bedlington and Bulí could be included. As with the Irish Terrier there is a concise of investigation that affirms that the Irish Wolfhound also contributed in its creation. In accordance with a legend, however, the lineage of the Kerry Blue goes back to a blue Terrier or surviving Blue of a shipwreck in the bay of Tralee, county of Kerry. This dog was so ferocious that it killed all the competitors with those that fought, establishing the right to found his own stock. Be which is the true origin of the Kerry Blue it is not certainly a race that one wanted to be without belt when he/she is training to a Pekinese or Chihuahua. It was exhibited for the first time in the Crufts Dog Show in England, and in U.S in 1922. It was recognized by the British Kennel Club in the same year, and in U.S two years later. 
Character and cares 
Although it began now their life like sport dog, the Kerry Blue it is in animal general of company. It is good with the children, at the same time that it conserves some excellent qualities like guardian. Nevertheless, he/she can have a ferocious character against other dogs or other company animals when he/she is caused. Therefore that if you have a burning Keny, it would be good that an insurance was made to cover the veterinarian's bills, of another people. The Kerry is not the dog easier of preparing for the ring, since it requires the arrangement of a person with knowledge. He/she needs daily toilet with a hard brush and a metallic comb.


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