Irish terrier

The Irishman or Terrier red Irishman remind to the small Airedale Terrier, except in the red color of their mantel. The Irishmen say that this, its national Terrier, is a smaller version of the Irish Wolffiound and it has existed in Ireland during centuries. Nevertheless, the first official registration was not carried out up to 1875, and he/she was not mentioned in the Book of Dogs of Idstone, published in 1872. It seems more possible than he/she is a descendant of the black and toasted Terriers of hard hair whose work consisted on to drive away the small animals and to hunt, about 200 years ago. A study of the very similar Welsh and Lakeland Terriers adds him consistency to this idea. In the case of the Irishman, the blood of a brunette big Terrier that one says qe existed around the county of Cork it can also have been incorporate. Be which are their ancestors, the Irish Terrier varied a lot in size, constitution and color up to 1879. In that year he/she was formed in Ireland an association specialized in the race that their standardization began and he/she passed to become a favorite one internationally. 
Character and cares 
The Irish attractiveness is an expert thief and it has been trained for the hunt with shotgun with success. It is also an affectionate company animal. Their mantel should be clipped two or three times a year, and it should be cleaned regularly. 


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