Terrier of Wales

The Welsh Terrier seems much so much to the Lakeland Terrier like to the biggest Airedale Terrien Like another similar Terrier, (the Irishman), Welsh is of Celtic origin. Two variations of this were developed by Welsh, a Celtic one using a black and toasted Terrier of rough hair and another Englishwoman using an Airedale Terrier and a crossing of Fox Terriers, he/she appeared as definitive race at the end of the XVIII century. The English lineage is said that it disappeared, but, in the author's opinion both influences so much of the Airedale as of the Fox Terrier is visibly apparent. Anyway, the Celtic lineage was presented in 1885 and the Welsh Society of Terriers was formed later one year. In 1887, the Canine Society in Cran Britain rewarded to the race granting them the category to go to championships. the first Welsh Terriers arrived in America around 1901, and there it is preferred but small. These originally were popular to hunt the badger, the vixen and the otter. 
Character and cares 
An amusing dog, the Welsh Terrier has a lot of energy, it is affectionate and good with the children. He/she enjoys exercising a lot of and he/she will need that he/she is fixed the hair twice a year, if one has the intention of exhibiting it. Many owners that have them as company animals take them to that cut them the hair. 


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