Terrier of Norwich 

From 1964 in Great Britain and from 1979 in EE UU, the Terrier of Norwich of erect ears has been classified apart from the, on the other hand identical but with fallen ears, acquaintance as Terrier of Norfolk. He/she takes their name of the city of Norwich that is in the county of Norfolk in this area, an area in the east of England. The Terrier of Norwich seems that it arose in this area, and it probably includes blood of several Terriers Cairn, Border and Irish. It was popular among the students of the University of Cambridge who te­nían both varieties. Controversy exists on if a certain colonel Vaughan of Ballybrick in the south of Ireland, or a dealer of called horses Jodrelí Hopkins of the area of Cambridge, deserves the recognition to create the Terrier of Norwich. Around 1860 the colonel Vaughan hunted with a group of small red Terriers that you/they included many crossings and Terriers contained so much with fallen ears as erect. There was a tendency to cut the ears of the dogs of fallen ears until it is he/she is practiced he/she declared illegal. Then the Society of the Terrier of Norwich demanded that the standard was amended to only include the Terriers with the erect ears. The reclamation of Hopkins rests in that a female of its property, some of whose puppies fell in his employee's hands, Frank Jones. Jones crossed them with other Terriers, including the smallest copies in Irish Terriers and Glen of Imaal. The offspring became well-known as Trumpington Terriers or Jones Terriers, and a line of Terriers of Norwich existent today in day it claims to be direct descendant of Frank's puppies Jones. 
Character and cares 
This resistant and adaptive Terrier is usually good with the children. He/she enjoys with a regular exercise and he/she only needs a daily brushing for their paper of company animal, and some arrangement more as preparation for an exhibition.

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