Norfolk Terrier

This race was classified, and well-known as, Terrier of Norwich. The Terrier of Norfolk of fallen ears arose in Est Angua, an area of England, and they were during certain very popular time among the students of the University of Cambridge. Both dogs were known as Terriers of Norwich from around 1880. They were probably a mixture of Terriers Cairn, Border and Irish, and their litters had characteristic of both, of erect ears and the other falls. The only difference between the Terriers of Norfolk and Norwich today in day it continues being the ears. The author distinguishes the two races for the fact that the ears of the Noffolk are flat as the English county of that name, while those of Norwich are erect as the needles of the cathedral of Norwich. The Terrier of Norfolk only won the recognition like independent race for the Canine Society in Great Britain in 1964 and, in EE UU, up to 1979 didn't separate the two varieties. 
Character and cares 
In spite of being among the smallest Terriers, the Norfolk is described in the standard of the Society of its race like a demon by its size. A sociable dog, this charmer and resistant Terrier are always vigilant and he/she is not afraid, but it is good with the children, he/she has a balanced temperament and it is a good company animal for those that are willing to exercise it. He/she enjoys going to a day of hunt, and their honorable wounds should not throw behind for the ring. It requires a daily brushing, and a certain arrangement is the whole preparation that he/she needs to exhibit it.


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