Manchester Terrier

The Terrier of Manchester and the Toy English Terrier (well-known in EE UU like Toy Manchester Terrier) they were exhibited once under the name of black and toasted Terrier, only divided by the weight. At the moment, the two races are classified for separate. Although it is not well documented, the history of the Terrier of Manchester suggests that it takes established a lot of time. Their ancestors were sport Terriers that destroyed rats in a moat for the spectators' amusement by the middle of the XIX century. This sport was popular among poorest people in areas like the city of Manchester in the north of England. It seems to be that it descends now of the extinguished white English Terrier, with blood of Dachshund, Whippet and King Charles Spaniel. The Doberman and the Italian Greyhound also contributed to the development of the flat and brilliant mantel of the Manchester and their colors. The contribution of the second was in the slight cuff of its back. 
Character and cares 
The Terrier of Manchester of long life, spreads to be a single person's mascot and it is often the spoilt animal of the biggest ladies' company. It is also extremely good for the whole family, and adapted so much for the life in the city like in the field. The only toilet that he/she needs is a daily brushing and to rub it next. 


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