Australian Terrier




The Australian Terrier is often confused with a big Yorkshire. It is not surprising since it is considered the result of the mating between a female of Yorkshire and a similar male to a Cairn. For when it was exhibited for the first time in 1899, it had existed during around 20 years and he/she had fame of being unbeatable to kill small animals, and of being able to have a snake. When I arrive for the first time in England, in 1906, it didn't cause a lot of interest. In all ways, it was recognized by the British Kennet Club, in 1936, and it experienced an increase of popularity when the dúque of Gloucester acquired a copy in a tour for Australia. It was still slower in being given to know in USA where it was not recognized up to 1960. 
Character and cares 
Now it is demonstrating to be a popular race, so much in the international ring as for company animal: it alerts, strong and faithful. The Australian only needs a good toilet newspaper with a sow brush. As he/she has a resistant mantel to the bleakness, it can be had in external kennel, although most of people have it at home. 




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