Parson Jack Russell  (Terrier)

The Parson Jack Russell Terrier was only recognized by the British Kennel Club in January of 1990. Until then it was believed that there were too many variations in the color, constitution, size and texture deí mantel like to give him category of pure race. The Society Canine Dog only recognized Jack's type Russell, the Parson Jack. Although people have caught the habit of calling to the similar Terriers to this Jack Russelís, they are not grateful as such. They also refer often to them as Terriers hunters, and they are very popular in U.S and Great Britain. He/she takes their name of a clergyman sportsman, J ack Russell that lived last century in the county of Devon, England. It mounted horse, era judge of Terriers and one of the first members of the British Kennel Club. Parson Russell raised its stock of Terriers starting from several old types of Fox Terriers of hair five pesetas to obtain dogs that ran with the Hounds and at the same time they went able to take out the vixens of its burrow Its mantel it can be rough and messy or soft. 
Character and cares 
The Parson Jack Russell continues being a Terrier of extremely good work, and it has become vastly popular as animal of a lot of people's company, including the old men. Nevertheless, it can be something excitable and it is in fact better adapted to be the animal of an active boy's company. It requires little toilet. 


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