Tawny Brittany Grifón

The Tawny Brittany Grifón is an old European race that was developed to keep to the flocks of the plunderers. it is hard, long, very dense and always tri-colored. Griffon Fauve of Bretagne is a Hound of half, muscular size, of good skeleton, with rustic, hard appearance, of mantel tawny color, expressive eyes, fallen ears and a very rough mantel. This old race had very good reputation to hunt the wolf in the Half Age. Packs of Tawny Grifón was you discard in its homeland, Britain, after 1885 when its hunt pieces had extinguished. It was saved of the extinction by some breeders and now he/she is used in their homeland to hunt boar and fox but it continues being a strange species in comparison to others. 

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