Bull Terrier (Mini)

The Bull Terrier of Staffordshire would not owe confuindirse with the Staffordshire American Terrier, or Pit Bull that has been developed following a very different lines. The charming Staffordshire or Staffy have a bloody history. He/she was derived of the crossing among an Old English Bulldog and a Terrier, surely the black one and already toasted extinguished, at one time in that the fights with bulls and the fights of dogs were two of the most popular sports in Great Britain. The resulting dogs had the ideal attributes for the combat: the flierza and tenacity of the Bulldog matched with the agility and the reflective rapids of the Terrier. When the fights with bulls and, starting from there the fights of dogs, also fried prohibited in Great Britain, the Stafy was developed following some kinder lines as partner. It was recognized by the British Kennel Club like a pure variety in 1935, and for the American Kennel Club in 1974. 
Character and cares 
The Stafy is one of the company animals and more popular exhibition dogs. It is an ideal dog for the house as well as good guardian, affectionate and excellent opponent for the children. Nevertheless, it doesn't displease him to have a collision with their canine partners, usually being the winner, for what is advisable to take it with belt when he/she leaves walk. Of total trust and with a flat mantel very easy of to take care that requires little more than a regular brushing. 


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