The Stabyhoun originated in the area of Friesland in Holland, where it was raised as hunt dog for everything. It is known that it exists from at least 1800 but it was not recognized by the 5ociedad Canine Dutchwoman up to 1942. This collector and prompter of first class is extremely popular in his native, but not very well-known country outside of Holland. Their appearance is in some place between a Setter and a Spaniel, and it is said that a formidable hunter of rats takes place when he is crossed with the Wetterhoun. 
Character and cares 
Although it is a good and versatile sport dog, the Stabyhoun one has now mostly as company animal and he/she has adapted well to this paper. It is good with the children, easy to train, affection, and he/she only needs a regular brushing to maintain their mantel under good conditions. It requires a lot of exercise. 

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