English Springer Spaniel


Is perhaps the oldest in the English Spaniels and the favorite one for those that have interest for the hunt and the field tests. Originally their name was that of Norfolk Spaniel, since it came from the English county of Norfolk. Their current name comes from its task springing (to make to jump and to leave) the preys of the hunters. The Springer English Spaniel was recognized by the English Kennel Club in 1902 and for the American Kennel Club in 1910. The enthusiasts of field competitions founded their club ESSFTA in 1924 and it was common that a Springer that participated in arduous tests the previous day, participated of a conformation competition (beauty) the following day. It was in 1927 that the standard of the race settled down with a revision in 1932. The last championship of capable Springers for both competitions was at the beginning of the years 1940. From then on, the race was maid according to its specific function: the Field English Springer Spaniel for field competitions and obedience, and the bench Springer Spaniel for conformation and beauty. nowadays these 2 types of Springer exist. 


The Springer is a medium dog. The difference apparently between the field and the bench springer English spaniel he/she is due to the specialization on the part of the breeders and of entrance he/she will be distinguished for the colors, marks and quantity of hair. The bench Springer will have a dark mantel symmetrically distributed in the whole body with long and dark ears, white necklace, paws white and many fringes. The Field Springer will have whiter, almost about to be totally white, with head and dark ears and some color patches in the body sometimes with specks. 
In second plane, the differences will be noticed in the conformation of the head, long of body and I release of tail. The Field Springer will have a more pointed muzzle with less lip and the ears will be implanted higher. It will be more long of loin and because the tail is the biggest indicator that the dog has smelled a bird, it will be cut longer. 
The Springer is a superb copy of sanity and symmetry while the Field Springer is the maximum in athletics and performance But both fulfill its original purpose: that of the hunter's companion and both combine the beauty, the force and the quality to the maximum. 
The Springer Spaniels of the European continent has many specks without care to the allotment of stains, they are less angular, more high, compact and squares. 
Very proportionate and balanced utility, the Springer English Spaniel has the resistance and intelligence for all activity class like being: to follow it for the whole house, to announce the arrival of visits, to make tricks, to obey, to participate in conformation competitions, tests of agility, to hunt or any other task that makes it participant of their daily routine. As hunter, it is appreciated as excellent search dog and of collection in the forest or in heaths as well as in deep water and among rushes. 


Has an overflowing character of affectivity. It is cheerful, energetic and I activate. He/she has anger and a lot of enthusiasm. The aggressiveness doesn't exist in its character. 


Must be regular, impacting mainly in hearings, besides the brushings: As all the races of long ears, they should be revised weekly to avoid the infections. The coat of the Springer is special for the bleakness, almost car-limpiante, but it requires of a frequent brushing to maintain it tight and flat and free of dead hair. A good barber of race will know how to use the depilation and scissors to give him it forms. They don't seek advice frequent bathrooms. If he/she lives in a department, he/she needs to make frequent long exits. 


Ideal company dog for their character and intelligence. 
Inseparable of the family nucleus. 
Feather hunter par excellence. 
Excellent in obedience and agility. 
Standard general of the race Group: 8 dogs hunt lifters. 
Height: females 48.3 cm, males 50.8 cm. The trunk is compact with the very solid superior line and of longitude almost the same as the one run off with to the cross. 
Weight: Females 18-20 kg, males 22.5-30 kg. 
Color: Chocolate and white, black and white, or anyone of these with marks toasts. For exhibition it is looked for the necklace and star targets entirely with dark mantel. 
Eyes: Almond-shaped, dark with an attentive, sweet and intelligent expression. 
Ears: Implanted at level of the eyes, long with fringes. 
Head: Lightly rounded with wide skull. Very marked Stop with wide and high muzzle. Strong jaws, plane cheeks and very hanging lips. 
Body: Rectangular silhouette. Strong, muscular neck, without jowl. Well descended, very developed chest. Very arched ribs. Muscular, strong loin. 
Members: Strong with good bone. Rounded and compact feet with strong pads. 
Tail: Of low insert, it is clipped leaving visible a white tip. 






The material of this page (you photograph and text), they were kindly contributed by Blas of Pini it Damages SUPREME BIJOU SPANIELS exponent Hatchery of Cocker and Springer English Spaniel in the Argentina http://bijou.ohgo.com /


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