Spitz of Lapland

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The Spitz of Lapland or Lapphund are an old race that maid went to the north of the arctic polar Circle for the Lapp to keep the reindeers. From there he/she extended to the rest of Sweden, where it also watched over lambs and other flocks. At the moment, one has as partner in house and guardian, and he/she is used in tasks of security by the Swedish armed forces. The Spitz of Lapland is a dog of half size with strong jaws, ears erect, double long and thick mantel, and a line curved above its typical back of the different spitzs varieties. The FCI didn't recognize it up to 1944, when a standard settled down by the National Canine Society of Swedish Fans was approved. 
Character and cares 
Affectionate and faithful with their owners and kind with the children, the Spitz of Lapland spreads to be aggressive and to suspect of the strangers, features that make of him a good guardian dog. It is happier if he/she is had in an external kennel. He/she needs a lot of exercise and a brushing. 

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