Japanese Spitz 

The Japanese Spitz shares ancestors in common with the Nordic Spitz. Their size is approximately the half that that of the Samoyedo, and he/she also has a near relationship with the German Spitz and the Pomerano. Their ancestros is said that they fried had taken for many years to the Japan in the ships of the merchants, and there it was developed totally isolated. It is a favorite race, in Japan, as company animal for the whole family. In the last times, it has been given to know internationally and it is demonstrating to be a good exhibition dog. 
Character and taken care   
Loyal with their owners and distrustful with the strangers, this beautiful Spitz is alert, it is intelligent, I live and daring. He/she is a good small guardian, and one has seen to several in Great Britain enjoying in their paper of partners and truck drivers' of long distances guardians. The copies of this race require brushing newspaper and they enjoy a good quantity of exercise. 

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