Spitz of Finland

The Finnish Spitz is known in its native earth as Suomenpystykorva that means dog with ears alert. It is the national dog in Finland, and he/she is mentioned in national heroic songs of Finland. It was used by the hunters Lapp to follow the elks and bears, but now it is popular for all Scandinavia to hunt birds. Related with the Russian Laika, the race you originated in the east of Finland. It was introduced and he/she began to work with her, in they Pray Britain in the years 20, Lady Kitty Ritson, is responsible for the nickname that is given to the race Finkie. 
Character and taken care   
While in Scandinavia it continues being a favorite type of the hunters, the Finnish Spitz one has as partner and exhibition dog in the rest of the world. He/she is appreciated to be a loyal and affectionate company animal, good with the children and to the one that he likes to be guardian. He/she needs a lot of exercise and a daily brushing. 

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