German Spitz

The only difference among the German small Spitz (Kleinspitz) and the German standard Spitz (Mittelspitz) it is the size. Both are smaller versions of the German big Spitz (Orobspitz) or Wolfspitz. There are many varieties of Spitz and, although it is difficult to point out their origins, they were probably brought of Scandinavia by the Vikings. The Spitz was known from 1700, when one says that white copies were conserved in Pomerania and black in Wúrttemberg. Some of the smallest varieties in Spitzs targets servants in Pomerania became well-known and to settle down in Great Britain under the name of Pomeranos (to see page 224). In 1899, he/she was formed the Society of the German Spitz, and standards settled down for the different types. 
Character and taken care   
This active, intelligent dog and I wake up it is independent, although the devotion to its human family is a characteristic of the race. The German Spitz can adapt to the life in the city or in the field, he/she needs a vigorous brushing newspaper and a good quantity of exercise. If he/she is not watched over, he/she has tendency to give sharp barks.

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