Italian Spinone

The Italian Spinone is an old hunt race. However until recently a competitor has not become in the ring and in the international field tests. The opinions vary, even in Italy, about their origin, on if it is descending of Setters the climatic conditions by themselves could be the cause of their thick mantel a relative of the Italian Segugio of rough hair, result of a crossing with the Grifón. Other authorities believe that this strong and versatile hunter arose in the French region of Bresse, finding his later in route to the Italian Piedmont, and that his evolution cannot only attribute herself to the French Grifón, but also to the German Pointers, the Porcelaine, the now extinct Barbet and to the Grifón Korthals. The Spinone can be the result of a mating between a Setter of rough hair and a white Mastiff. 
Character and cares 
Affectionate, pleasant and of a loyal temperament, the Italian Spinone is obedient and so much can point out as getting paid. He/she needs a lot of vigorous exercise, he/she is a good swimmer and it is more appropriate for the life in the field. 

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