French Spaniel

Of the French Spaniel or Épagneul Francais, it has been written as "the origin of all the other races of Pointers of long hair, calls commonly Spaniels". Descending of dogs taken to France from England in the XIV century, he/she has certain resemblance to the English Springer and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It is believed that their ancestros like all those of the French and English Spaniels, have their origin in Spain. Not very well-known at the moment outside of France, it is muscular with a strong head and a long, soft and lightly wavy mantel. 
Character and cares 
The French Spaniel likes to hunt and their resistance is considerable. He/she has an expression intelligent and good temperament. It is a good company animal whenever he/she exercises a lot of. Therefore it is more appropriate for a house in the field. He/she needs a daily toilet with brush of natural sow or soft brush and comb. 

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