Tibetan Spaniel 

In spite of their name, this race is not related with the spaniels and it is not known that it has been used how hunt dog or partner in this. It is believed that the Tibetan Spaniel existed a lot before you began to write the history of the Tibet in the century VII, and therefore its origins are dark. The exchange of dogs between China and Tibet in the antiquity means that Chinese dogs, as the Shih Tzu or of Pekinese type, they could have contributed in its creation. It has also been said that the Tibetan Spaniel was crossed with the Pug to produce the Pekinese. The Tibetan Spaniel was a favorite one he/she gives the monks, and he/she was often had in monasteries. It is said that he/she made rotate, and maybe he/she still makes it, the wheel of the Tibetan prayers. It is also said, the same as of the dog without Mexican hair that was used by the humans to warm. The first one that registered in the Kingdom United file bought by Mr. F. Wormald in 1905, but it seems that the race didn't cause any impact there until final of the years 40. 
Character and taken care   
This good, charming nature dog, rarely leave outside of the exhibitions. It is intelligent, good with the children and it is splendid company animal. As well as it is of vital and he/she enjoys a good game in the exterior, their mantel needs to be cleaned regularly.

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