Smooth Collie

The Smooth Collie is idénrico to the Rough Collie except in its mantel, that of the Smooth is short and flat, with an external mantel of rough texture and one very dense interior. The ancestors of both Collies taken Iñéron of Iceland to Scotland more than 400 years ago, where he/she has worked as dog shepherd. As the Rough, the Smooth modern Collie can overcome its ancestors until a called tri-colored dog Trefoil that was born in 1873. It was exhibited beside their more attractive relative of long hair in the ring hastá 1974, when he/she was given a separate standard. Sadly, although the Smooth Collie has all the attributes of the Rough, he/she is known a little. Nevertheless, he/she has a small group of having interested by what there are enough excellent copies with a temperament of first class for the championships of beauty and obedience. 
Character and taken care   
The Smooth Collie has the same character and temperament that the Rough, and the cares that he/she needs are also the same ones.

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