The Sloughi, Slughi or Greyhound of the east are one of the Hounds of stranger developed view in the west. It is known by the Arab in their homeland as The Hor and it is the only one that you/they recognize apart from the Saluki. As this, to the one that looks like each other, the Sloughi has very good view, it is to castrate of reaching a great speed and he/she is hunter of gazelles. It is said that its success in this task comes helped by its color sand, that makes him to be difficult for the gazelle to detect it in tas sands of the desert until he/she has the danger above. 
Character and cares 
The Sloughi is kind, healthy, and intelligent, and it can be an animal of company of first class whenever he/she has the enough space in the one that to train and he/she is not allowed to wander near the livestock. He/she only needs toilet newspaper with a soft brush and a mitten for dogs. 

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