Skye Terrier 

The Skye was developed starting from small dogs that there were in the High Lands of Scotland to enter in the burrows after the badger, the vixen, the otter and the rabbit. The best of these Terriers for burrows is said that they were natives of the island of Skye. During a lot of time, the Terriers Skye and Cairn were considered a single race, the Cairn was described as a Skye of short hair. There was also Skyes with fallen or erect ears. These varieties were divided in 1904, and starting from then they have expanded aptitude certificates for both: of fallen ears and of erect ears. Although the variety of fallen ears is still allowed, you leave it little in Great Britain these days, and, while it can be more numerous, it continues being less common than the Skye of erect ears in USA. Probably the Skye more famous Terrier is Greyffiars Bobby, main character of a romantic history. Around 1850, the master of Bobby died and it was buried in the cemetery of the church of Greyfriars in Edinburgh. Bobby stayed above its master's tomb during 14 years until its own death, only breaking its vigil to visit a coffee that had frequented cpn its master. A statue still exists to commemorate the loyalty of Bobby, near the church of Greyfriars. 
Character and cares 
The Skye Terriér spreads to be suspicious and to not being interested in anybody more than in its master. Their I magnify long mantel it requires a considerable quantity of toilet, especially because he loves walks for the field. 



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