Mexican Dog Without Hair 

The Dog without Mexican Hair or Xoloitzcuintli is one of the oldest races in the world. It was taken to Mexico from the northeast of Asia for the nomadic ancestors of the Aztecs, but it possibly arose farther, in Turkey, where another naked race, the Turkish Greyhound exists. Some of the first inhabitants from Mexico, the town tolteca, had the Chihuahuas in its temples with religious purposes. Once the Aztecs conquered the toltecas, the Chihuahuas and the Dogs without Mexican hair they lived in the temples one beside the other one and their crossing could have produced the Dog with Chinese crest. The Dog without Mexican breastplate was also very valued as bottle of hot water, since he has a higher corporal temperature of the stocking 38,6° C. it is in extinction danger, although there are some breeders in USA it is recognized by the Society Canine Mexican and for the Canadian Canine Society but not for those of USA 
Character and cares 
This affectionate and intelligent dog has a good temperament, and he only needs a moderate quantity of exercise. Practically without hair in their mantel, he/she needs regular bathrooms and massages with cream for babies to maintain their soft and flexible skin. He/she is a natural vegetarian, but it can change easily to a diet with meat. He/she notices This race it should be protected of the solar burns.

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