Australian Silky Terrier 

The Silky Australian Terrier, or Silky Terrier was originally well-known as the Silky of Sydney, and its offspring was not registered under this name until dates so near as 1945. It owes their existence to the crossing among the Terriers Skye and Yorkshire, and also of the Terriers Yorkshire and Australian (this last one with blood in their veins not only of “Yorkie” but also of Dandie Dinmont, Cairn and Norwich). The first standard was not published up to 1962 although it was accepted before in America three years. Character and cares 
The Silky Australian Terrier is a typical Terrier as for temperament. It is not contrary to hunt small animals but he/she offers to their owners much affection. He/she needs some good daily walks to channel their energy and regular brushing and hairstyle to take care him a lot the mantel it is essential if it will compete in the ring of exhibitions.

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