Setter Saint Germain

The Setter Saint-Germain is also known as Pointer Saint-Germain, Compiégne Setter or, more commonly, Braque Saint­Germain. This attractive hunt dog has a strong resemblance to the English Pointer, and a behavior of similar line, although he doesn't have such a heavy skeleton. It is said that Miss appeared of the crossing of an English Pointer, of the king Carlos X of France (it reigned from 1824 to 1830), and of a French Setter or Braco at the beginning of the XIX century. According to Of The Rue in Them Chiens d'Arrét Francais et Anglais, “Miss had seven puppies and four of them they were given to the Compiégne of forest; that transferred Saint-Germain later, their dogs were taken with them. Their elegance liked the hunters from Paris a lot”. Character and taken care   
This strong hunt dog, with less refinement and olfaction that the English Pointer, it can be used for the biggest hunt, and also for pheasant and rabbit, he/she Has a good gallop. It is affectionate, kind and intelligent, but it can be stubborn. He/she needs a brushing, rubbing it with a mitten for dogs next every several days, and a lot of exercise.

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