Portuguese Setter

The Portuguese Setter or Pointer (Portuguese Perdiguerio) he/she probably goes back until the Hounds Segugio and the Assyrian Mastiffs. It has been known from the XIV century and, with the Spanish Pointer, it can have been an ancestro of five type races Pointer. Originally used for the birds, it is a good dog of to of any type, with an excellent olfaction. It is popular among the hunters in Portugal but not very well-known filera of their country. 
Character and cares 
This prodigious hunter is quick, attentive, intelligent and he makes his work very well. Their objective is to please its master, it charges the hunt with the biggest happiness. It is also very affectionate, and often it completes the paper of company dog as well as that of partner for the hunt in their native country should be brushed and to rub with a mitten for dogs every several days. 

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