Italian Setter 

The Italian Setter (or Pointer) or Italian Bracco has an attractive appearance of Hound with hanging ears and a kind expression. It is believed that it is since one of the oldest Setters it has been established with security from the XVIII century. He/she was possibly derived now of crossings with the Italian Segugio and the extinct Assyrian Mastiff. In their native country, the Italian Setter is divided in two varieties according to its color (the target and orange, and the brown roano). The target and orange is believed that he/she originated in Piedmont and in general it is thought that it was the original. The roano that is attributed to Lombardy, some fans that he/she goes back to crossings between cared Setters and the old Saint Hubert Hound considers. However there are not grateful differences to define to you give them varieties. 
Character and cares 
The Italian Setter is a dog of hunt of good temperament and intelligent, docile although strong. It combines this paper with that of company animal. He/she needs a lot of exercise, and that he/she is brushed and rub daily or every other day. 

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