Red and white Irish Setter

The red Irish Setter and target evolved of the Spaniels, probably of red and white Spaniels that were taken to Ireland from France and crusaders with Pointers, for the XVIII century, the red and white Setters was already raised as a type. The fans began to prefer to the Red one and at the end of the XIX century the race practically disappeared. From the years 40' it has gone by a revival in Ireland. The red ones and targets are recognized by the Canine Society of Great Britain, they have their own standard, and they have been recognized by the FCI. Fortunately it has begun recently to be made notice in the exhibitions. 
Character and cares 
The red Irish Setter and target is cheerful, of good nature and affectionate, it combines the paper of hunter's dog admirably with that of company animal. He/she needs space and a lot of exercise, and a daily brushing.

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