Red Irish Setter

The red Irish Setter or (Big Net) it was developed crossing the Water Irish Spaniels, the Spanish Pointer and the English Setters and Gordon. The result file a dog beautiful and exuberant resemblance to a Pointer that highlights for their classic posture of pointing. The person that had a nearer relationship with the race modern file Edward Laverack (1815 -1877) that passed an entire life perfecting the Irish Setter (and English). Although he/she has their origins in Ireland, it became the same one in the Victorian England, where their speed and energy, developed for the Irish conditions, made him ideally adapted paw the work of hunt dog in the extensive spaces open of the countryside. 
Character and cares 
While it is certain its ability to hunt, is appreciated very much as popular and affectionate company dog. It is good with the children and other animals, and he/she has a special likeness with the horses. He/she has an energy without limits and, therefore he/she needs a lot of exercise, as well as a daily brushing. He/she will adapt to a house in the city, but it is better in the field where he/she has more freedom. On purpose, it is too good to use it as guardian dog.

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