Setter Gordon

The Gordon, formerly the Setter of Gordon's castle, owes its existence to Alexander, fourth duke of Richmond and Gordon who it raised the only Scottish hunt dog at the end of 1770. He wanted to get a bigger and heavier Setter introducing the Bloodhóund and, as he/she believes a lot of people, blood of Collie. They are not so quick neither they have as much style as the other Setters. They were exhibited in the first exhibition of the world, taken place in the City council of New­castle, England, June 28 1859. The prize of the Setters file won by Dandy, a Gordon whose owner was the judge of the pointers! Almost at the same time it was introduced in U.S, where now there is more exemplary registered that in England. 
Character and cares 
He/she is an indefatigable worker, able to tolerate the heat of the hunt of the grouse in August better than other Setters and of working without water during more time. It will combine the papers of hunt dog and company animal admirably and he/she is better guardian that the other of their group. The Gordon needs a lot of space and a lot of exercise and it is not the best for the life in the city.

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