French Setter

It is known in their origin France like Braque Francais. The word braque comes from the French Haquer (to point out) and it is used for the dogs that point out or they feel in the address of the hunt. The race, therefore, calls you in English as much French Setter as French Pointer. The French Setter seems that he/she has its origins in the area of the Spanish Pyrenees and starting from there he/she extended for Europe. The catalog of a championship of this cup that took place in Paris describes it as "the race of older Pointer of the world, it has been the origin of almost the whole continental fleet, is a strong hunt dog, with a powerful olfaction even with a hot time and I dry off". there is a variety of this dog of hunt, smaller, that he/she calls himself French Pointer. 
Character and cares 
The current French Setter is a nobleman and strong animal with the line cut, good olfaction and good abilities for the work. It is a kind company animal as well as hunt dog, since has good temperament and it is taken well with the children and the other animals. However, like to other hunt dogs, he loves to carry out a lot of exercise. He/she needs him to be cleaned so that it shines him the mantel. 

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