Setter Dupuy

Some sources say that the Setter Dupuy, Pointer or Braco Dupuy owes its existence to a certain monsteur Dupuy, hunter of Poitou that its female white and brown Setter, Leda, matched up with a dog of called unknown race MyLord. Others say that it arose of a crossing between Serter and Greyhound. The writer gives more credibility to the theory than you/he/she is an old French Setter, of which some copies survived, after Revolution Francesa(1789-1799), due to the dedication of the watchman of hunt of Anneu d'Argensois that Dupuy called herself. 
Character and cares 
Dog of hunt of good size and of behavior nobleman. It is said of the expression of their eyes that is kind and dreamer. It is adapted for any hunt type, but it is not too good in the water. The Dupuy is quick, enthusiast and obedient. He/she needs a lot of exercise, and it should be cleaned every day or two with a hard brush or of sow rubbing it next so that it shines him the mantel. He/she is not cut the line.

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