Italian Segugio

There is Italian Segugio with two mantel types, of short hair (I peel satin) and of rough hair (I peel forte). this old Italian hunter's origins go back to the dogs of careers of the old Egypt and still preserve something of Greyhound in their appearance. Besides possessing very good view, he/she has the advantage of possessing an exceptional olfaction, and it was used for a wide hunt variety. The Segugio will stay courageously to shot once he/she has found a piece. 
Character and cares 
He/she can with most of the lands, and he/she is a natural hunter that should be trained for this work during the first months. He/she generally has good temperament, maybe too independent, and one can have as company animal. He/she needs a lot of exercise, and their mantel few cares, apart from a regular brushing. 


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