Sealyham Terrier 

Freeman Lloyd an authority in the study of the Sealyham Terrier, it has defined the characteristics of the race going back until the XV century, when the family Tucker, it is recognized to have cared a small white flamenco Terrier, of long back to Galés. One of the des­cendientes of the Tuckers, the sportsman, captain Edwardes, wanted dogs so that they hunted with the bloodhounds and they entered in the burrows to take out badgers. Around 1880, the Sealyham developed starting from several races of Terriers. He/she took their name of the town of Sealyham near Haverfordwest, Wales, where it was created. The first Society of the Sealyham Terrier was formed in 1908 and its founder, Fred Lewis, is said that he made very much to perfect the species. The Sealyhams was recognized by the British Canine Societies and American in the same anus, 1911. From then on, it has demonstrated their success all over the world in the exhibitions. However, the immense increase of popularity of the quite similar West Highland White Terrier in the last decade has stood out in that the Sealyham is hardly seen today outside of the ring. 
Character and cares 
The Sealyham is a good dog for the exhibitions and company animal. Affectionate with the children; however, it doesn't avoid the fight with their colleagues. He/she needs a regular brushing and it should be shaved by hand for the ring. If one has the intention of exhibiting it, the breeder's advice should be looked for or of some other expert on its toilet.

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