Schnauzer Miniature

The Schnauzer miniature, Well-known in their native Germany as Zwergschnauzer, he/she was derived of crossing the Standard Schnauzer the smallest dogs (probably Affenpinschers). The race was exhibited for the first time in 1899 and he/she settled down in Germany at the beginning of the years twenty it is considered that it was W. D. Goff the one that took the first copy from the race to U.S 1923, while the first ones that you/they were cared to the United Kingdom fried taken by Mr. W. H. Hancock in 1928. - In U.S and Canada, it is classified the Schnauzer miniature like a Terrier and it was there during certain time the most popular Terrier In Great Britain, where he/she is considered a member of the Group of Utility instead of a Terrier, it is habitually animal of company, and he/she also makes well it in the competitions of obedience and exhibitions. 
Character and taken care   
The Schnauzer miniature is a charming small dog that makes of excellent company animal for the family and the children's partner. As their contemporaries but big, he/she needs a good quantity of exercise and their mantel should be cut periodically. The mantel can also be emptied but this would ruin it for the exhibitions, for what is better to speak of its cares of the mantel with the breeder in the moment of the purchase.

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