Schnauzer Giant

The giant Schnauzer or Riesenschnauzer well-known ale during many years like the dog of Munich, because he/she is native from a next area to this city. It is believed that it evolved of you cross between shepherd's of soft mantel dogs and the dogs shepherds of rough mantel, as well as of Great black Danish and of the Bouvier of Flanders. I work as dog shepherd of bovine livestock until the demand for this work type declined. The giant Schnauzer appeared for the first time in the scenario of a championship in Munich in 1909, when he/she was included in the catalog like a Russian Schnauzer for bears. The thirty representatives of the race created such an impression that the Society of Schnauzer of Munich the following month was made. Not as popular as the varieties standard and miniature, the giant Schnauzer could have been extinguished if it had not proven to be an excellent guardian dog in the first world war. However, he/she didn't go until the second world war when their fond loyalists in Germany worked five pesetas to assure him a well deserved popularity. 
Character and taken care   
This intelligent dog is by nature a reliable and good partner that requires a lot of exercise. He/she needs few cares apart from to cut or to clip their mantel. It can also be emptied but this will ruin it to him for the championships, for what is better to speak to it with the breeder in the moment of the purchase.

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