The Schnauzer or Schnauzer standard are the oldest in the three varieties of Schnauzer, the other ones are miniature and giant. It has been captured through the times by artists that include Albrecht Dúrer (1471 - 1528), Rembrandt (1606 - 1669) and sir Joshua Reynolds (1723 -1792). The oldest aspect in the race is probably the one that appears in the painting of Durer, Madonna with tite Many Animak, 1492. In spite of their many representations through the centuries, the origin of the Schnauzer continues being dark. Some say that it is a crossing of two races extinguished at the moment, the Beaver of the Half Age and a dog of rough hair, maybe a terrier that one had to disperse the small animals. Others think that Pudel evolved of the extinct Schafer and of the German Pinscher of hard hair. There are even other investigators that believe that the Schnauzer descends completely of dogs shepherds, including the Bouvier of Flanders Certainly with which maintains, a great resemblance. Originally he/she was used for all the works in the farms, and he/she was a good hunter of rats. He/she is also an excellent partner. The standard for the race was published for the first time in Germany in 1880. In 1918 the Society of the Bavarian Schnauzer united with the Society of the Pinscher of Colony. 
Character and taken care   
The Schnauzer is a dog attractive, robust, intelligent and playful, good partner and in general affectionate with the children. He loves to exercise a lot of, and their hard, rough and strong mantel needs a certain quantity of cut and discharged, to those that are animal of company the mantel can be emptied but this will ruin it for the exhibitions, for what the proprietors that want to exhibit them should speak to it with the breeders in the moment of the purchase.

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